Lilys’ diary

Lily had a best friend, and while many people would find their identity alarming, her best friend was the only one she could really tell everything to without fear of being judged. Her diary, she’d had and updated it for many years now, on occasion she would doodle things she wanted like, buy lingerie Canada or new sets of pens, but most times she told her diary her deepest thoughts, like when she had a crush on the transfer student in her department or her first time.

She called her daisy, it was only right that they both be named after flowers, although daisy had been known to change bodies, once lily bought a new book to pen into. Lily often thought of it as both going through puberty. It was this long history of friendship that compelled lily to fess up to her long-time friend.

Dear daisy,

Today started out like any other Friday night, Lucas and a few of his friends came over, and we all went out to eat, but then something changed. Adam, Lucas brother told us he had invited his girlfriend to come along for the movie, no one really minded. She goes to a sister college and really, it was nice to have another girl to hang with instead of being squished in by the guys, don’t get me wrong they are great but well, they are boys.

Her name is Elisabeth, but she said to call her Lizzy, so I did. We all decided on the new R-rated movie and thought it would be fun to see who screams first so we all placed our bets. We sat at the last row, it was jean, henry, Lucas, Adam, Lizzy and me. I sat towards the wall because you know I always fall asleep. Halfway through the movie I was about to snooze when I noticed a hand over my thigh, I thought I had imagined it but then I felt It again, this time, it was cupping my breast, squeezing and needling my nipple through my shirt. It was Lizzy when I opened my eye, she smiled at me slyly and continued to fondle my breast, I was shocked but turned on. I always knew I was attracted to girls but never thought my first experience with a girl would be at the back of a cinema and with my friends’ brother’s girlfriend. I blushed and peaked to see if any of the boys had noticed but they all seemed fixated on the movie, chatting away and ignoring us.

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She continued to grope me till the movie ended, and said nothing once it was over, she simply smiled and said she had a great time. Adam says Lizzy wanted my number for a girl’s date while she was still in town, of course, I said yes, and I can’t wait to see what we do next.

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