Tips to staying glamorous while shopping for luxury on a budget.



Diamonds, pretty bubbles, expensive wine and lingerie, all the ingredients that make for a glamorous night. What happens when that starts to feel old, or the budget a little too high for what we can justify to ourselves?

Luxury and glamour are certainly expensive traits, but this can be a clear case of taste that exceeds budget, the saddest case of them all. Mostly because our taste is often a large part of our personality and expression. To help deal with this I bring you some helpful tips to stay glamourous while shopping for luxury.


Material alternatives. Yes, one of my favorite hacks on buying lingerie in Canada. We all know that sexy lingerie is a staple of glamour but how do we offset the cost? Simple, buy alternatives. Next time you are looking for erotic lingerie in Canada try shopping for faux leather instead, switching from silk to lucent satin can take your price margin from five hundred Canadian dollars to fifty. Rhinestones are also a gorgeous diamond or crystal replacement on clothing.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

Thrift. Yes, you heard me, thrifting. Head over to your local vintage thrift store and be amazed by the steals you can get. Not only is it wallet and style friendly, but you are also helping the environment by keeping clothes in a cycle state.

Cheap wine. Yes, the unfathomable sin of shopping for wine that cost less than a whole days shift, bare with me! The truth is, while a lot of cheap wine is poetic at best and diarrhea inducing at worse there are a number of brands that manage to hit the right spot. It may be no 89’ chardonnay but Stella Rosa wines are a good bargain at only twelve to sixteen dollars a bottle!

Buying bodysuit lingerie. Bodysuit lingerie are fun because they are both sexy and practical. Fun for a night of sexiness and fun. Great for a business casual look once you throw in some bottoms. This way you are getting the best for your buck.

Buy lingerie online in Canada, shopping online means you save on transport and the stress of physically haggling for a steal. A great tip is to subscribe to online information, it will go straight to your promotions folder and can be caroused when looking for sales!

Remember a budget should never keep us from being our most glamorous selves!

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