7 Luxury Brands you Never Heard of but May Have Seen.


The movies give us a great look into the lingerie world and the trends that are hot and even help us fully understand or categorize our styles. That being said we often wonder what costume designers were thinking or even celebrities when they pick out several items.

At other times we cannot help but wonder how we can get our hands on those styles. Shopping for lingerie in Ottawa is no different in this case. Regardless of your style or trend the choice to buy lingerie in Canada or buy lingerie online In Canada still leaves us open to the frustration of having to hunt down these styles.

I decided to go deep into the web and do some research, and I found seven lowkey luxury brands that cater to the elites.

Anine Binge, this brand may not be as hidden as some on the list, but it certainly offers a select collection that is sure to turn heads. Playfully seductive this brand creates sensual lingerie that offers both looks and support.

Tylynn Nguyen, this minimalist brand is so well hidden they are practically an open secret. With prices that start at $119 its no surprise why this is a celeb favorite but certainly within a budget.

Wolford Hosiery is a brand for the working-class girl with a little extra to spend on her budget. Enjoy sturdy and seductive tights. That makes you feel as great as you look.

La Perla this brand has been worn by celebrities like Cardi B and is was featured in the much talked about music video, 7 rings by Ariana Grande. With their pretty laces and more than effective push-up bras its no question why this is as popular as it is.

Fleur du mal is certainly among the more expensive brands out there. however, with true laces and tulle, this brand fulfills every bit of what it promises. It doesn’t hurt that it was also featured in the acclaimed Fifty shades Darker movie.

Agent Provocateur is another brand that made a dazzling appearance in the Fifty shades franchise, and who could blame them? Everything about this brand screams bondage.

Cosabella is a Hollywood favorite that may be last on this list but is certainly not least. This fun brand also caters to plus-sized women.

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