Sexy Lingerie from Fleur of England

This blog post is going to focus on a high-class lingerie brand many of you are probably already familiar with: Fleur of England. As the name implies, this luxury sensual lingerie brand is based in and operates in the UK. However, they do offer international shipping… At a price.

The brand prides itself on high-quality, luxurious kinky lingerie pieces at a not-unreasonable price. Full-price bras can range from around $140 and up, while panties and thongs might be a bit cheaper at $110 or so.

I really like Fleur of England. Their lingerie is true to size, well-fitting, and looks great on most body types. Plus, they’re built to last. Today I’m going to show off some sexy lingerie from Fleur of England.

Before I start the post, though, I’d like to take a second and point out that The Luxury Addicts is in no way attached to Fleur of England. I chose to make this post just because I’m really fond of the brand!

Alright, let’s get started.

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