Oh My My! Yet Another List Of Sexy Lingerie Blogs

Enjoy browsing these and don’t forget to comment and share! http://www.asexylingerieblog.com http://www.naughtylingeriereview.com http://www.secretlingerieuniverse.com http://www.seductivetalk.com http://www.seductionavenue.com http://www.sensuallingerieguide.com http://www.sensuallingerieblog.com http://www.sensuallingerietalk.com http://www.theeroticamagazine.com http://www.thenaughtymagazine.com http://www.womenreviewlingerie.com http://www.sexyfashionaddicts.com http://www.thelingeriemagazine.com http://www.thelingerienews.com http://www.thetemptationsblog.com http://www.tmzlingerie.com http://www.thesexymagazine.com
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No Fuss No Muss Online Lingerie Shopping

This is for anyone who loves lingerie but is sick and tired of the repeated styles that we are seeing flooding amazon ebay and even the local lingerie and sexy stores and boutiques Here is a simple guide for you: 1- Visit Canada’s sexiest lingerie store offering the latest in European trends and designs (Temptations Avenue Lingerie) 2- Begin your lingerie journey by choosing your style and even mood! Are you into wearing something Elegant and Sensual? Or are you in the mood to be bold, Erotic and Wild? Or perhaps you are into something more.. maybe a Body Harness that you can wear as a lingerie piece or as an accessory to your lingerie pieces. How about a Body Chain Lingerie? This one too you can wear as a lingerie piece or as part of your outerwear, especially if you are considering going to a night club. 3- Receive your erotic lingerie purchase and try it on! Some stores love to hear your feedback about their kinky lingerie, Temptations Avenue Lingerie is known to reward any kind of feedback with anything from a mention on their instagram feed to giving a piece of lingerie for free to giving away discount codes! Have fun shopping! Oh and if you are based in Ottawa, Ontario (or anywhere in Canada for that matter) the shipping is pretty fast. Have fun wearing some sensual lingerie (or wild lingerie for that matter too)
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The Easiest Way To Shop For Kinky Lingerie Online In Canada

Who does not like Kinky Lingerie? Even the most conservative of us appreciates the beauty of a nice piece of erotic lingerie! Yes some people have different tolerance levels.. Some might find wild lingerie pieces to be too much, and opt for elegant lingerie or sensual lingerie. Others might only get turned on by wearing a piece of kinky lingerie or erotic lingerie. No matter what your taste in lingerie is, here is how easy it is to feel sexy (or gift sexy), especially if you are shopping from Canada (and the US too). 1- Visit Temptations Avenue Lingerie to see their collection of sexy lingerie made in Europe This means that you are also getting European taste and styled lingerie.. which is totally different from the lingerie you see in your local lingerie boutique, sex store, or online! 2- Choose your mood! Are you into something wild and bold? or are you into something elegant and sensual? Temptations Avenue Lingerie has made a great job with their lingerie collection only offering you the sexiest of sexy lingerie. Their Erotic and Wild lingerie is, like the name implies, for you if you enjoy wearing a piece of erotic lingerie. This category of wild lingerie has countless options, so you are sure to find something that you will want to try on even if you are a shy one! On the other end of the spectrum, they are also appealing to the ones who like the more Elegant and Sensual lingerie style. Don’t let the name fool you, most of these sexy piece of elegant lingerie and sensual lingerie are to be worn with the expectation of some “fun” at the end of the night, but they are more on the passionate side and not as wild or as kinky as the collection in the Erotic and Wild. And no online lingerie store is complete if you can’t purchase any sexy accessories. Temptations Avenue Lingerie has just introduced Body harness category and a body chains category. If you are super bold, you can actually wear the body harnesses and the body chains as lingerie pieces. Or you can as easily wear them as accessories along with your lingerie pieces to add to the imagination and the sexual tension. Some even wear a body harness as part of their outerwear! The bottom line here is that you will certainly find something that suits your mood and style when you are online lingerie shopping at Temptations Avenue Lingerie 3- Enjoy fast Shipping if you are in Ottawa, Ontario In fact shipping is free for all orders over $100 across the US and Canada so go nuts and fill that cart with SEXY! 4- Get rewarded for your purchase by sharing your feedback Temptations Avenue Lingerie is one of those rare lingerie brands in the world that rewards their customers when they share their feedback and experience. If you share an image that can be used on IG, you will get a free piece of lingerie. That is sexy if you ask me!
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             7 Luxury Brands you Never Heard of but May Have Seen.


The movies give us a great look into the lingerie world and the trends that are hot and even help us fully understand or categorize our styles. That being said we often wonder what costume designers were thinking or even celebrities when they pick out several items.

At other times we cannot help but wonder how we can get our hands on those styles. Shopping for lingerie in Ottawa is no different in this case. Regardless of your style or trend the choice to buy lingerie in Canada or buy lingerie online In Canada still leaves us open to the frustration of having to hunt down these styles.

I decided to go deep into the web and do some research, and I found seven lowkey luxury brands that cater to the elites.

Anine Binge, this brand may not be as hidden as some on the list, but it certainly offers a select collection that is sure to turn heads. Playfully seductive this brand creates sensual lingerie that offers both looks and support.

Tylynn Nguyen, this minimalist brand is so well hidden they are practically an open secret. With prices that start at $119 its no surprise why this is a celeb favorite but certainly within a budget.

Wolford Hosiery is a brand for the working-class girl with a little extra to spend on her budget. Enjoy sturdy and seductive tights. That makes you feel as great as you look.

La Perla this brand has been worn by celebrities like Cardi B and is was featured in the much talked about music video, 7 rings by Ariana Grande. With their pretty laces and more than effective push-up bras its no question why this is as popular as it is.

Fleur du mal is certainly among the more expensive brands out there. however, with true laces and tulle, this brand fulfills every bit of what it promises. It doesn’t hurt that it was also featured in the acclaimed Fifty shades Darker movie.

Agent Provocateur is another brand that made a dazzling appearance in the Fifty shades franchise, and who could blame them? Everything about this brand screams bondage.

Cosabella is a Hollywood favorite that may be last on this list but is certainly not least. This fun brand also caters to plus-sized women.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

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Tips to staying glamorous while shopping for luxury on a budget.



Diamonds, pretty bubbles, expensive wine and lingerie, all the ingredients that make for a glamorous night. What happens when that starts to feel old, or the budget a little too high for what we can justify to ourselves?

Luxury and glamour are certainly expensive traits, but this can be a clear case of taste that exceeds budget, the saddest case of them all. Mostly because our taste is often a large part of our personality and expression. To help deal with this I bring you some helpful tips to stay glamourous while shopping for luxury.


Material alternatives. Yes, one of my favorite hacks on buying lingerie in Canada. We all know that sexy lingerie is a staple of glamour but how do we offset the cost? Simple, buy alternatives. Next time you are looking for erotic lingerie in Canada try shopping for faux leather instead, switching from silk to lucent satin can take your price margin from five hundred Canadian dollars to fifty. Rhinestones are also a gorgeous diamond or crystal replacement on clothing.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

Thrift. Yes, you heard me, thrifting. Head over to your local vintage thrift store and be amazed by the steals you can get. Not only is it wallet and style friendly, but you are also helping the environment by keeping clothes in a cycle state.

Cheap wine. Yes, the unfathomable sin of shopping for wine that cost less than a whole days shift, bare with me! The truth is, while a lot of cheap wine is poetic at best and diarrhea inducing at worse there are a number of brands that manage to hit the right spot. It may be no 89’ chardonnay but Stella Rosa wines are a good bargain at only twelve to sixteen dollars a bottle!

Buying bodysuit lingerie. Bodysuit lingerie are fun because they are both sexy and practical. Fun for a night of sexiness and fun. Great for a business casual look once you throw in some bottoms. This way you are getting the best for your buck.

Buy lingerie online in Canada, shopping online means you save on transport and the stress of physically haggling for a steal. A great tip is to subscribe to online information, it will go straight to your promotions folder and can be caroused when looking for sales!

Remember a budget should never keep us from being our most glamorous selves!

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Lilys’ diary

Lily had a best friend, and while many people would find their identity alarming, her best friend was the only one she could really tell everything to without fear of being judged. Her diary, she’d had and updated it for many years now, on occasion she would doodle things she wanted like, buy lingerie Canada or new sets of pens, but most times she told her diary her deepest thoughts, like when she had a crush on the transfer student in her department or her first time.

She called her daisy, it was only right that they both be named after flowers, although daisy had been known to change bodies, once lily bought a new book to pen into. Lily often thought of it as both going through puberty. It was this long history of friendship that compelled lily to fess up to her long-time friend.

Dear daisy,

Today started out like any other Friday night, Lucas and a few of his friends came over, and we all went out to eat, but then something changed. Adam, Lucas brother told us he had invited his girlfriend to come along for the movie, no one really minded. She goes to a sister college and really, it was nice to have another girl to hang with instead of being squished in by the guys, don’t get me wrong they are great but well, they are boys.

Her name is Elisabeth, but she said to call her Lizzy, so I did. We all decided on the new R-rated movie and thought it would be fun to see who screams first so we all placed our bets. We sat at the last row, it was jean, henry, Lucas, Adam, Lizzy and me. I sat towards the wall because you know I always fall asleep. Halfway through the movie I was about to snooze when I noticed a hand over my thigh, I thought I had imagined it but then I felt It again, this time, it was cupping my breast, squeezing and needling my nipple through my shirt. It was Lizzy when I opened my eye, she smiled at me slyly and continued to fondle my breast, I was shocked but turned on. I always knew I was attracted to girls but never thought my first experience with a girl would be at the back of a cinema and with my friends’ brother’s girlfriend. I blushed and peaked to see if any of the boys had noticed but they all seemed fixated on the movie, chatting away and ignoring us.

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

She continued to grope me till the movie ended, and said nothing once it was over, she simply smiled and said she had a great time. Adam says Lizzy wanted my number for a girl’s date while she was still in town, of course, I said yes, and I can’t wait to see what we do next.

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We can be a little picky about, well, everything, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

At The Luxury Addicts, I personally wouldn’t mind it if a man bought me some sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day. However, I’d be thinking about all the different pieces I could have bought for myself… The ways I could have done it better. A lace bodysuit. A babydoll. A corset. If you know what you like in lingerie, you go out and get it. If someone else is getting it for you, you’re probably going to get a bustier.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Sure, it would be great. But do we all like that freedom of choice?

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

I’m addicted to luxury sensual lingerie. When I say “luxury,” I don’t mean that the piece has to be expensive or even designer (although neither of those little details hurt in the slightest). Here on my blog, you’ll find just that. Reviews, recommendations, the whole enchilada. Interested?

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